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NFL Legend Jim Brown Teams Up To Form New Film Production Company

Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown who left the NFL at the top of his game to pursue a career in Hollywood has formed a new production company, Warrior’s Eyes Productions. Teaming up with independent film makers KC Pierson and D. Keith Davis, their first original film entitled – “It’s Not Football Related: Untold Stories of the NFL Through Warrior’s Eyes”- is slated to premiere theatrically next Fall.

The full-length film is envisioned as the pilot for a series of exclusive insider’s docu-films that present the National Football League through the hearts and minds of some of the legendary warriors of the game.


 ”Untold Stories” is described as an “unbiased forum” for current and former players, and others, to explore the challenges facing professional football. It will explore the fame and fortune, risk and sacrifice, success and failure that make up the sport at its highest level. 


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