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Steve McQueen’s Classic “Le Mans” Featured at TCM Film Festival

The popular annual Turner Classic Movies Film Festival rolls into Hollywood this week under the theme of Travel in the Movies.


Over the next four days, movie lovers from around the world will be taken on a wide range of cinematic journeys and the experience will be enhanced by the appearance of such stars as Mel Brooks, Cybill Shepherd, Burt Reynolds, Debra Winger and Jon Voight who will talk about their experiences in films connected with that theme.


In a festival filled with planes, trains, or automobiles, auto racing fans will be ecstatic to learn there will be in depth coverage in addition to the screening of the classic film, “Le Mans” featuring Steve McQueen.


On Saturday evening at ClubTCM located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel there will be a pre-screening discussion about the making of the film. Chad McQueen and race car drivers Derek Bell and Vic Elford talk about the making of the film and their memories of Le Mans.

Incorporating footage from the actual 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans race, Le Mans (1971) is widely considered one of the most authentic of racing films, due in no small part to the passion that star Steve McQueen had for the sport.  




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