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New Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas Announces Inaugural Inductees

The new Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas has announced its inaugural class of 25 inductees.

The Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas is located at the Luxor Hotel within SCORE! – a multi-sports attraction featuring the Halls of Fame of Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, Baseball, NASCAR and Boxing.  SCORE! is located next to the Titanic Exhibit on the mezzanine level of the pyramid-shaped hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

The exhibit features the exclusive ESPN Classic/Cayton Sports Fight Film Library. The collection includes the fights of Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Roberto Duran, Sugar Ray Leonard, Jack Dempsey, Rocky Marciano and many other legendary fighters from the first heavyweight championship fight ever filmed in 1897 through the fights of Mike Tyson and beyond.  The video library also contains countless interviews as well as exclusive training footage.

The current displays include Muhammad Ali, Latin Legends, Mike Tyson, Kings of the Ring and Boxing in Movies.  Hollywood screen-worn clothing on display includes Barbra Streisand’s outfit from her 1980 movie “Main Event.”

The inaugural class of 25 inductees are as follows in alphabetical order:  Muhammad Ali, Henry Armstrong, Tony Canzoneri, Ezzard Charles, Julio Cesar Chavez, Jack Dempsey, Roberto Duran, Joe Gans, Harry Greb, Eder Jofre, Jack Johnson, Stanley Ketchel, Sam Langford, Benny Leonard, Sugar Ray Leonard, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Archie Moore, Willie Pep, Sugar Ray Robinson, Barney Ross, Sandy Saddler, John L. Sullivan, Gene Tunney and Mickey Walker. 

While only boxers are inducted, other participants in the sweet science will receive awards and be acknowledged for their excellence at the Black Tie Induction Event on a date to be announced shortly.

 “It was the opportunity of a lifetime to place the Boxing Hall of Fame Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip with its 40 million visitors each year” said President Steve Lott. “It’s an honor being located next to the legends of other great sports. Thousands of visitors each year will be afforded an opportunity to see boxing greats stand “toe-to-toe” with other sports legends.”

The licensing division provides video and photos for news, documentaries and other productions.  The photo library includes an exclusive collection of Mike Tyson images and graphics for commercial use.  Boxing stories, photos, video and graphics are placed on Google +, Pinterest and Facebook which has generated in excess of 23,000 “likes.”



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