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Sport And Cinema

CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT-A film by Yung Chang

Award-winning filmmaker Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze) returns to China for another documentary on that country’s ever-changing economic landscape—this time through the lens of sports. [...]

New Books – Brave Dragons: A Chinese Basketball Team, an American Coach, and Two Cultures Clashing By Jim Yardley

The Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, a long-time journalist for The New York Times, delivers a funny, insightful gem about a season NOT on the brink, as he recounts how former NBA player-turned-veteran coach Bob Weiss is hired by a wealthy Chinese steel magnate to improve the fortunes his Shanxi Brave Dragons, one of that nation’s worst teams. [...]

Smush Parker’s “Starting Five” Sports Movies of All-Time

During a recent interview with me in Shanghai when his team was in town to play the Sharks, Parker talked a lot about movies. The native New Yorker is very passionate about cinema and has grown increasingly so, saying he spends much of his free time in China watching titles from his massive, and still growing, DVD library he has built since going there to play in the CBA. [...]

Smush Parker Leads Team into Basketball Finals

The former Laker guard, now running the point for Guangdong of the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), is hoping to carry his Southern Tigers to the league title as they play the Xinjiang Flying Tigers in the championship series beginning today. The force behind Xinjiang’s team is Mongolian center Mengke Bateer, the first Chinese player to start for an NBA team and the first to win an NBA championship (San Antonio Spurs, 2003). [...]

S and C Road Trip: China

Wow! That was a strange feeling, like a dream…except I couldn’t make out the words! I only knew it was mine because the author’s name on the cover was in English. [...]

S and C Road Trip: CHINA (Basketball)

Nee-How Ma from Beijing where your intrepid reporter has scaled the Great Wall, survived the worst sand storm in four years as well as meals of boiled seaweed, spiced jellyfish and pickled shark intestines (and that’s breakfast!) to relay a bit of sports history I witnessed here Sunday night. [...]